Offroad Division
The Arizona Volkswagen Club has been around since 1976. The club is divided into three sections, Dirt, Street, and Drag race.  Our part of the club has been catering mainly to the off road crowd. If you want to go on a run with us your more than welcome, even if your not powered by a VW thats ok there are a bunch in the club who have been running water cooled for years and I'll still tow em' out every now and then! Unfortuntanly the street and drag racing sections are currently empty, if you want to get them up and running please feel free to do so!

What does it take to become an AVC member?

Right now the AVC does not have a monetary membership amount due each year.  All that we ask of our members is to come out and have fun with others.  But, at the end of the year we pass the hat around to help pay for the website, cards and other AVC approved expenses. 

Can an AVC member have other Volkswagen memberships? 

Sure, have as many memberships as you want.  The AVC has been known for its willingness to work with and attend other clubs events such as The Brows, The Roamers, The AZ Bus Club, Flat 4 Fetish, Wolfburg Registry,  AZ 4x4 Club and many other clubs.  The AVC has even volunteered to help at other clubs events.  

If I don’t have a Volkswagen can I be a member?


Can I bring a non-Volkswagen out to an event and participate?

YES!  Many members don’t have a Volkswagen at all and come out and participate.  Just remember that whatever you bring out you need to have a few others that are willing to keep pace with you and not hold up the main group.  We will not leave you, but, a Chevy 4x4 cannot keep up with a desert rail safely, so bring someone that moves at the same speed as you do.  Also know your limits, a sand rail cannot pull a 4x4 out of most places.  If you bring a ATC you might need to wait for the group to catch up with you. 

Does the AVC give back to the community?

YES!  The AVC has had food drives, desert cleanups, donated money to the St. Mary Food Bank and other community events. 

Is it mandatory for members to participate in a event? 

No… Only if you want to. 

Does the AVC members get discounts anywhere?

Yes,  Most Volkswagen and off-road venders recognize the AVC as a strong force in Arizona and are willing to give discounts, Just ask!  

Are the scheduled events the only events the AVC attends?

No.  We have what we call “Ready Set Go Runs” these runs are either day runs or overnight.  Usually “Ready Set Go Runs” will have a short notice. 

How does this work?

It starts with someone wanting to go somewhere and will call around and see if anyone else wants to go.  So get your number out to others. 

If I need help with a project can the AVC help?

YES.  The AVC has been known for its network of knowledge and part resources if you have a problem just ask.

How do I join?

What you need to do:
E-Mail your name, the name of your partner and Kids
Your address
Phone number
E-Mail address
To our Membership Director Dawn at
Note: if you have trouble emailing Dawn please email Dalton or Kenny.

If you send one dollar to cover the postage and handling we will mail you the membership card.
AVC Membership
C.O: Dawn McCombs
9775 N. 67th lane
Peoria,  AZ  85345

or you can let Dawn know what AVC event you like to pick up your membership card at and she can bring it.







Any questions can be answered by out President Kenny Bennett at (623) 221-3389, or E-Mail him at
Any questions can be answered by our activity chairman Dalton McCombs at (602) 617-6869, or E-Mail him at

Going on a trail run,and want to invite some more people.
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 If you have a cool web site or a neat link e-mail me and I'll put it up Thanks 

Arizona Volkswagen Club
2010 Officers:
Presedent: Kenny Bennett
Off-Road Activities Chairman: Dalton McCombs
Street Activities Chairman: Open
Race Activities Chairman: Open     
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