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Trail Ratings:
                                    1                          2                                      3                                           4                                    5
Road Type:  Gravel        Smooth Dirt        Rutted/Rocky         Rocky/Deep Ruts   Heavily Rocky
Passing:          No Prob     Passing Areas     Passing Areas         Some Areas                None
Water:              3" Max       6" Max                     15" W/Currents      30" W/Currents      Over 30" W/Currents      
Grades:            Gentle       10`Max                   15`Max                         30`Max                         Over 30` 
Side Hill:         None          10`Max                   15`Max                         30`Max                         Over 30`           
Ledges:            None           Minor                     8" Ledge                      15" Ledge                      Over 15"
Boulders:       None           Small                       Med Rocks                24" Max                         Over 24"
Mud:                  Surface     8" Max                    18" Max                        24" Max                         Over 24"
Driver Skill:  Min             Low                          Medium                      High                                 Extreme 
Trail ratings are subject to change based on the weather and trail usage!  
Annual Runs:

New Years Camp Out
Trail Rating: 1-4
When: New Years (12/27-01/01)
Where: Mile post 4 onCarefree Hwy (74) North, turn right in two miles 
Camping: Yes, RV approved
Description: Leisurely trail rides, hill climbs,  

Hassayampa Day run
Trail Rating: 1-2
When: Super bowl Weekend  (Feb 1)
Where: Leaving the Waffle House @ 83rd and McDowell at 9:00 a.m. 
Camping: No
Description: Start at Indian School and the river bottom, head North up the Hassayampa to Morristown,have lunch in Wickenburg.Then through some twisty canyons to come out at Castle Hot Springs. From there its a fire road to Lake Pleasant, and back home

 400 Miler
Trail Rating: 1-2
When: Weekend before Memorial weekend (May 18-19)
Where: TBA, reversing route this year, with hot springs!
Camping: Yes
Description: This one made us famous. 400 miles all off road. Start at Four Peaks drive over a few mountain ranges, through a river, on the side of the Mogollon rim, camp out under the stars  in a lush forest. From there it's a fire road to Cave creek, then home.

July 4th
Trail Rating:1-4
When: July 3-4
Where: Flagstaff Cinders OHV
Camping: Yes RV approved
Description: Out of the Phoenix heat checking out all of the neat volcano trails and try a few hill climbs the whole area is volcanic cinders, which makes for a whole new experience!

Crown King
Trail Rating:1-5
When: Oct :20-21
Where:Horse Thief Bar at 99th Ave. 7:30a.m.
Camping: Yes
Description: You start out on the highway, then a graded gravel road with quickly turns into a knarly old washed out mine road (FUN!) once (if) you get to Crown King, you'll find a store/gas station they're good for emergency repairs. There is also a restaurant/1880's saloon. Kids can be there until about 10p.m. The actual campsite is about seven miles out of town. They're very sturdy lean two's with a fire pit in front to keep out the evening chill. All campsites are within walking distance from one another so visiting your neighbor to  talk about the days events is no big deal.   

Up Coming Runs:
If anybody has some suggestions please feel free to let us know.  Club event, new trail ect...

 400 Miler
Trail Rating: 1-2
When: Weekend before Memorial weekend (May 16-17)
Where: to be announced                                                                         Camping: Yes
Description: This one made us famous. 400 miles all off road.  Kenny and I have talked to a few members and we decided to change a few things.. This year we will be running the 400 miler backwards so that we can enjoy the Hot Springs. check it out we will be camping at the Verde river campgrounds. In the past the AVC stopped camping at the hot springs because of some nudity at the Hot Springs, But I understand that the forest Service has really cleaned up the place and put a stop to the nudity..

See Ya in the Dirt!


 Contact Info:  Dalton McCombs
                          (602) 617-6869                     

                          Kenny  Bennett
                           (623) 221-3389 

Future Runs:
Still planning, could change.

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